Winter Blahs Getting You Down? 5 Great Tips to Bring on that Spring Feeling...

Posted by rene.bross on 27. January 2012 11:01

Looking outside and seeing the endless heaps of snow, some begin to wonder, will Spring ever get here? If you feel that way, then you're not alone. However, with Spring nearly two months from now, perhaps together we can find some ways to keep ourselves occupied, cozy and warm. Brushing away those Winter Blues can not only be fun, but can form new habits for this season, making sure winters to follow will be something to look forward to.

1. Products on the market like full-spectrum lights will ensure, for those of us that don't live farther south, that we get our much needed vitamin-D. Which in turn can enhance our mood and reduce that sluggish feeling. Pair that with some aroma therapy candles, perhaps with an island scent and get an instant boost. Cowabunga!

2. Scientists, what's not to love about them? Research has shown that chocolate, especially the dark variety, may also be a mood elevator. Warm up and try a cup of hot cocoa. Starbucks now makes a commercial line. Salted Caramel is our favorite!

3. Spring cleaning doesn't have to wait. Instead try a New Year cleaning blitz. If you are stuck inside of the house anyway due to the weather, use this time to clean and organize your home. When Spring arrives you can enjoy its wonders carefree.

4. Plant and indoor herb garden in a sunny windowsill. Seeing new seedlings sroup always gives hope that Spring is surely on its way!

5. Finally, perhaps the simplest solution is to turn to your inner child and embrace the season. Take a stroll with someone special or your family and make a game of finding the best of winter- he biggest icicle, the best snowman or the most formidable sledding hill. Have you ever seen a child who doesn't love the snow? Taking a clue from them may produce a new appreciation for the season.

Do you have other ways to relieve the winter doldrums? Let us know your most effective ways by leaving us a comment. Together we can get the best out of winter!

Vroom..Vroom... Race Car Birthday Ideas for Your Little Speed Demon!

Posted by rene.bross on 24. January 2012 16:21

Start your Engines for Some Serious Birthday Fun!

Race car birthday themes are so popular right now thanks to the Disney "Cars" movies. This fun birthday party theme lends itself to countless ideas and super fun decorating. Red and black are popular colors, but any of the primary colors will work. A black and white checkered motif matches red, green, blue, orange-- just about anything. Use your toy raching track strips to set up a car racing game. line up tires and orange cones on the grass for a fun obstacle course. Tape a black dropcloth down with duct tape road stripes for a push-car race track. Stack up chocolate "tire" donuts on a dessert table. Matchbox race cars make great inexpensize goodie-bag fillers. If you're looking for a fun and hip Race Car Birthday Invitation click here. Hopefully these photos will help inspire your little racer's next birthday party. Be sure to visit the credit links for more inspiration!

Photo Credits clockwise from top left: Race Car Entrance Mat, Race car placesetting Juicy Bits... , Drink Fuel Station Juicy Bits..., Cupcake Race Track Display  , Race Car Birthday Invitation from My Good Greetings, Race Car tablescape

Pink Palooza Princess Party!

Posted by rene.bross on 18. January 2012 11:57

I think every little girl.. and even the big girls... deserves a full-blown Princess Party. Pink, glitter, toulle, pink, satin, pink, tiaras... Did I mention pink? Every girl deserves to be treated like a Queen at least once in her life and when better than at her very own birthday party. Spa treatments with mani-pedi's for those wee little piggies may be in order. Tiaras and royal wands must definitely be at the ready. And pink and more pink should be everywhere. Here are a few photos for inspiration for your little princess' special day!

Photo credits clockwise from top left: Royal Princess Birthday Invitation from My Good Greetings, Pink Popcorn, 4-tiered Princess Cake Butterfly Sweets, Dancing Tutu's Bird's Party, Pink Boa, Pink dotted Balloons TSJ Photography, Princess Party Decor CupKate's Event Design, Tutu Cupcake Stand Tip Junkie