Christening and Baptism Party Ideas

Posted by rene.bross on 27. February 2012 11:01

A Heavenly Springtime Affair

Do you know someone special who will soon be baptized or christened?  Planning a luncheon to follow the ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate the event.   Along with the Christian rite of passage in to the Church, baptisms or christenings symbolize rebirth and renewed life.  Try going green with fresh flowers or plants.  If you use ones that are potted, they can be replanted by the recipient and be a constant reminder of their commitment to faith, as well as being earth friendly. Punch it up and enjoy a refreshing beverage.  Try a new recipe and bring out the punch bowl for this special occasion and turn the ordinary in to extraordinary.  Finish the gathering with a prayer and heavenly treat.  A little slice of heaven is all you need.  Hosting a reception can mark their new life, whether infant or adult, with joy, love and all your blessings.

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Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Posted by rene.bross on 16. February 2012 22:46

Don't be late for this very important date!

Want to add some whimsy to your daughter’s birthday party?  Think Alice in Wonderland and see magical results.  Set the scene with a “Mad” Tea Party table using common items such as a deck of cards and tea cups.  Make labels reading “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” to add charm to nibbles and beverages, but beware if you have low ceilings!  Try Pinning the Grin on the Cheshire Cat sitting atop a mushroom using colored board or paper and see who gets a purrfect fit.  What about a follow the White Rabbit scavenger to discover what’s hidden in your garden?  Let your imagination rule as you create a fanciful dreamland for your “Alice”.  Don’t be caught unprepared this year by the Queen of Hearts, otherwise it will be “Off with your head”!

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Lions, Tigers and….Monkeys? Oh My!

Posted by rene.bross on 9. February 2012 20:25

Throwing a baby shower in the near future?  How about kicking it up a notch from the basic blue and pink themes to a whole jungle of possibilities?  Throwing a baby shower can include a bit of monkey business by making a jungle themed cake or cupcakes.  Let loose with party decorations that make your guests feel like they’ve stepped over to the wild side.  What mother-to-be wouldn’t love to celebrate the birth of her new ‘monkey’ in style?  Our jungle and monkey themed baby shower announcements will leave other hosts green with envy with our eco-friendly stationary.  Check out our coordinating birth announcements, thank-you cards and address labels to complete the look.  Go bananas and love it!

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All You Ever Needed to Know About Valentine's Day...

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Hugs & Kisses this Valentine's Day!

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A brief history on those X's & O's

X’s and O’s at the end of messages we receive communicate kisses and hugs from the sender, but do you know that there is history behind these abbreviations?  Dating back to the Middle Ages, letters, notes and envelopes were often signed with a cross instead of a signature, as many could not read or write.  On top of the cross the sender would kiss the mark as a pledge of honor and sincerity.  This became a common practice and soon the crosses, which were marked quickly, often resembled X’s.   The O’s symbolic origin is not as clear, but many think that the O shape resembles the encircling arms of a hug.  

Who will you be sending X's & O's to this Valentine's Day? Make your own history by sending those you love hugs and kisses this month. Check out our line of special XOXO Valentine Day cards and announcements that will surely convey your love and sincerity.


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