Simple Ways to Throw a Beautiful Christening Party

Posted by rene.bross on 22. March 2011 19:35

Your child’s christening is a wonderful way to celebrate your families personal faith and a lovely gathering of family and friends should follow the formal church ceremony to complete your babies special day. Throwing a memorable and special party doesn’t have to be daunting. Following are some tips for making your babies christening extra special.


 1. Select the date for the christening by contacting your pastor or church administrator to schedule the date. Consider the timing of the ceremony and following party and keep in mind your child’s nap and eating schedule.

2. Most christening parties follow immediately or soon after the formal ceremony. Choose the location of the party. If your home is not close to the church, consider asking permission to having the party at the church or at a nearby restaurant.

3. Order invitations early enough so that they are mailed to family and friends at least one month before the christening.

4. Order the cake or make arrangements to bake it yourself or have a friend bake it. Christening cakes are traditionally white, but very light pastel colors of pink, blue or yellow are also common. Consider having your child’s name and christening date written on the cake or have their photo on it using the new edible photo decorations.

5. Plan a menu for the party. If having a morning ceremony, consider a brunch buffet or luncheon. An afternoon party could be a tea party with light snacks or an afternoon bbq works well for those with heartier appetities.

6. Keep decorations light and simple. Decorate primarily with white with a touch of an accent pastel color. Start with a crisp white tablecloth and add fresh flowers in glass vases for centerpieces. This is the time to break out your china. Matching colored cloth napkins with real silverware complete the ambience. Remember this is a more formal setting so forgo the plastic utensils and paper plates.

7. If there will be a number of small children attending, plan some simple activities or games to keep them busy. If weather permits, set up lawn bowling, crouquet or other yard games. A kid sized table with crayons and new color books will help occupy them as well.

8. Don’t forget to charge your camera battery and designate a family photographer. You will be busy at the ceremony, party and the needs of your child- leave the photography chore to someone else. Or place disposable cameras on the tables for your guests to take photos.

9. After your event, mail thank you notes within the two weeks following your party. Make sure they are hand-written and snail-mailed.

A Greener Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by rene.bross on 1. March 2011 14:00

Mother Nature does a fantastic job “greening” Easter with the return of fresh green grass and the first flower buds of the season. This Easter you can make your Easter Egg Hunt even greener with the following tips:

1. Reuse those plastic eggs! I bought my first set of plastic eggs when my little ones had their first Easter Egg Hunt about 5 years ago and I’ve reused them every year. I have purchased a few more over the last couple years because they’ve come out with some really cool new shapes, but those are saved as well. When Easter is over store them away until next year. The Easter Bunny will thank you!

2. Reuse those Easter baskets too! If your kids are small enough to believe in the Easter Bunny they probably won’t remember what last year’s Easter basket looked like. If you think they might remember, just tie some ribbon around it or wrap the handle in ribbon and tie it off with a bow. Trust me they’ll never know!

3. Want to be completely plastic free? Cut a cardboard egg carton into individual Egg holders. Have your children decorate them with markers, glitter, stickers, buttons, ribbon etc. Place small candies such as jelly beans in the little holders and hide them around the garden- much cuter than plastic eggs and makes for a great craft project.

4. Hide real dyed Easter Eggs! That’s what we used to do before plastic eggs. You can even use the cardboard holders from above to hold the eggs and keep them safer. Make the hunt more about the fun of finding the eggs rather than the payoff of candy or money.

5. When I was little, I didn’t hunt for eggs at all. I hunted for prizes! The Easter bunny left me a note telling me that there were 6-8 prizes hidden in the backyard. The prizes were usually things like bubbles, coloring books, new set of crayons, jumprope, packet of flower seeds etc. Looking back I think my mom wanted to limit the candy intake which was just fine with me because the Easter bunny always left a small chocolate bunny right next to the note!


The Bride Wore White, but She Was thinking Green!

Posted by Rene.Bross on 28. May 2010 13:38

You asked for it, and now they're finally here-- Our new line of eco-friendly designer Wedding Invitations have arrived! Our gorgeous Wedding Invitation packages are not only contemporary and hip in design, but are also printed on deluxe recycled heavyweight card stock with a lovely texture. These invitations look as fabulous as they feel. Made with 30% post consumer waste, many designs come in the option of cream or white paper colors. Matching recycled envelopes are included with the invitations. And as with all of our cards, no plastics are ever used in our recycled packaging. Wedding Invitation packages are fully customizable and you can choose from matching invitation, save the date cards, response or rsvp cards, reception insert cards, directions insert cards and thank you cards. Celebrate your love for each other and the environment with My Good Greetings Wedding Invitations.

The Best Thank You I've Ever Received!

Posted by Rene.Bross on 22. February 2010 13:48

If you've read our last blog entry (see below), you already are familiar with how My Good Greetings worked with Linda Lee to create custom notecards featuring the artwork by children in the Cambodian orphanage. What I didn't mention, when I wrote that entry, was that the reason the drawings were outlined and not colored in was because the children at the orphanage did not have any colored markers. When I learned this, it broke my heart. Being a graphic designer in the US- and someone who takes so much prosperity for granted, my heart ached when I learned that these children with their big, bright smiles, didn't have colors for their wonderful artwork. I immediately decided that I would put together a care package of colored markers and my assistant Dawn added loads of colored pencils and sharpeners. We boxed it all up and mailed it off to the orphanage with a friendly note. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to receive these wonderful photos back in return. Just look at these darling kids. I wish them many happy drawings!

A Note about Helping those in need...

Posted by Rene.Bross on 28. January 2010 10:42

Recently I was contacted by a very nice woman named Linda Lee who had a wonderful idea to raise money for an orphanage in Cambodia. She explained that she would like to print note cards with hand-drawn pictures on the front of the card- drawn by the orphans themselves and a photo and hand-written letter on the back of each card. As she told me more about her project and about the orphanage, I knew immediately that I wanted to help out however I could. As I received each hand-drawing, photo and hand-written note, I fell in love with project even more. Linda is a wonderful person and she is sending 100% of the proceeds of the sales of these cards directly to the Chres Village School and Orphanage in the Bakong District of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

These cards, which are blank inside, make wonderful thank you notes. I'm going to use them for my own children's thank you notes. The illustrations are not colored in and my boys are looking forward to coloring them before they send them out. I think it's a wonderful way for my young boys to make a connection with those that are not as fortunate. It beats sending a Mickey Mouse or Spongebob thank you note anyday!

To purchase your own set of Thank You notes and make a donation to the Orphanage in Cambodia, please visit Linda's website at


Introducing Myself

Posted by Lorna.Doone on 30. November 2009 16:50

Good Greetings!  (It seemed appropriate.)

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.  I'm Lorna Doone Brewer, and I am flattered to have been asked to share my musings here on the My Good Greetings blog.  I happen to be a big fan of the earth and love sharing ideas about how to take little steps to be a little gentler to our planet.  I've done so in the past on my own Something Good blog and am pleased to bring some of those thoughts over to this space.

My hope is to share hints and tips on how to live a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle, as well as to simply share stories of what it's like to put those ideas to work in my own life.  

With the Holiday Season upon us, there are a few ideas I'd like to offer that I think make a difference.  I hope some of them make their way into your family traditions! 

It's not always easy being green.

Posted by Rene.Bross on 6. November 2009 13:36

I think we can all agree that making green choices isn't always easy- or the most convenient. Sure, it's easier to shoot off to the grocery store without a care in the world, and say "paper or plastic"- then remembering to bring your reusable bags. Sure it's easier to throw your empty aluminum cans and plastic milk containers right into the kitchen garbage can- then walking the few extra steps to the garage and the recycling bin. Sure it's easier to let the water run the entire time you brush your teeth- then remembering to shut the faucet off while you brush. Sure it's easier to buy a plastic bottle of water with your to-go lunch- then remembering to bring your reusable steel water bottle. Life is definitely more convenient, and completely mindless to take the non-green route. But is it better in the long-run? Is easier and convenient always better?

At My Good Greetings, we believe that the extra effort to make mindful, conscious, green decisions- even small little green decisions- add up to make a BIG difference in the long run. That's why in addition to making green choices in our every day life, we strive to make green decisions with our products and how we ship our products. Sure it's easier (and cheaper) to shrink wrap our cards in plastic and fill the box with packing peanuts or sealed plastic air. But what will that do to the environment in the long run? That shrink wrap and those packing peanuts would go right in the garbage- to lie for an eternity in landfill without ever decomposting. We believe that easier isn't always better so we choose to wrap our cards in 100% recycled, FSC Certifed paper and seal the wrap with a 100% recycled sticker and place it in a recycled cardboard box with recycled kraft paper stuffing- all of which will decompose quite nicely and quickly. Thank you very much! And we think it looks a lot cuter than plastic shrink wrap- I bet mother nature would think so too!

And just like that... ZOOM! We're a business!!

Posted by Rene.Bross on 21. October 2009 10:21

I'm so proud of my husband Tom! He submitted an article to (who we used to form our LLC) and they called right away to say that they were going to publish it on their website and include it in an email blast. I hadn't read the article prior to him submitting it, so it was so wonderful to read it on the LegalZoom website with the rest of the world. I was beaming with pride! Here's the first paragraph, then click to read the rest:

My Story: Tom Bross

When I told my father in law that I was quitting my job to start an Internet business he looked at me as if I were a side dish he hadn't ordered. I don't blame him. I had a job that paid well and the recession was just underway. Every business has a story. This is ours in a nutshell; what motivated us to make a change and take a chance, what led us to our big idea and we came to launch Click to read the rest.


This little piggy built his house of sticks- and had fun doing it!

Posted by Rene.Bross on 7. August 2009 17:38

All big bad wolfs aside, building a fairy house out of sticks is a really fun and creative outdoor craft project that kids just love. I first read about this crafty forest find from the Petit Planet blog. I thought this was such an enchanting outdoor project and the best part was that it required no tools or glue or scissors- just an imagination, which is something all children have pretty much anytime anywhere. Our fairy house was built yesterday. Here's our story...

After a swim at our local aquatic park, I decided that we should go in search of a local moose (yes, I said moose!) that was spotted at the Finch Aboretum near our house. I had seen him the morning before and wanted my boys (ages 4 & 6) to see him too. Where else do you get to see a real live moose? So we trekked through the park, up the gravel trail to the back of the park and we saw 1. a dog, 2. a feral cat, 3. lots of birds, 4. a squirrel, and 5. a beautiful doe, but alas, no moose. We were sadly walking back down the trail when I remembered the Petit Planet post as I spied plenty of fairy house supplies- pine cones, small branches, pine sprigs, small pebbles etc. I cheerfully asked the boys if they wanted to build a "Fairy House." (not being quite sure if the word "fairy" would go over well with my rambuncous little guys). They asked, "what's that mommy?" and I explained how you can build a fairy house out of all these things in the park and the fairies will come at night and be so happy that they have a new place to sleep. I said, "quick- grab all the sticks you can hold in your hands. We're going to need lots of sticks." They got very excited and started running around picking sticks up off the ground. Then we found a nice spot at the base of the tree and began our construction. Instantly their little creative juices got flowing and they were aligning pine cones, making a roof out of pine sprigs, making a leaf walkway. It was so fun to see them in action. But the cutest part was when my four year old asked if we could wait in the bushes until dark to see the fairies go into the house. I had to quickly come up with an excuse why we couldn't, "we can't do that this time. Daddy's waiting at home for us and is probably wondering where we are. But let's take a picture to show him what we made." And here it is...


Flower Power Your Shower!

Posted by Rene.Bross on 16. July 2009 09:38

In my internet travels today, I found these darling little delicate tissue paper flowers from Zakka Life via Petite Planet and instructions on how to make them. I can't wait to make some myself, but I also thought these would be so pretty as baby (or bridal) shower decorations. Easy, inexpensive to make and oh so CUTE! They would be the perfect match for an "It's a Girl!" baby shower. Check out the easy to follow tutorial here.